mencho sosa


Facundo Molina is Mencho Sosa: juggler, football player and music multi-intrument player.

Since de age of 3 up to 18 he played football non stop in different clubs of Buenos Aires: Defensores de Santos Lugares, Sociedad de fomento Villa Martelli,JUventud de Belgrano, Argentino juniors, River Plate and San Lorenzo.

In the year 1999 he starts studing theatre and learns circus art in differents cultural centers and in the street, where he mets greats juggler that inspired him to constantly improve on his skills.

From the year 2003 to 2005 he studied theatre in the conservatory of dramatic arts of Buenos Aires and studied mimo in the argentain mimo school Maestro Angel Elizondo. At the same time he recieves vocal and corporal training in El Baldio theater.

After many years travelling with his art and participating in differents circus conventions in Argentine, Brasil, Venezuela, Uruguay, EspaƱa, Italia, Alemania, Grecia and Eslovenia he decides to mix his two greatest passions, circus and football by investigating deeply the football ball and turn it into a juggling object manipulating it with foots, hands, head and the rest of the body.

After differents researchs in the year 2012 with Rodolfo Voutrinas they create El club Social y Deportivo Barrilete kosmiko (perfect mix of football and circus)

with wich they act in main squares. circus and theatres in argentina, wheres his character gets name as `The great Mencho Sosa`

Willing to continue traveling around the world with his art he creates his unipersonal show called 'circus and football for the people' wich he is presenting at the moment